Curse God From Whom All Cursing Flow

I praise you, Dark Lord, for allowing me to come to the Pensacola College of Satanism – and I ask your forgiveness for my reluctance to leave the Christian school last year. The false God had really brainwashed me, but I’ve learned my lesson for sure now!

Praise Lucifer for giving me physical strength and intellectual prowess – may I use them for evil always! I love you, Satan!


These Things Are Best About P. C. S.

I adore the Pensacola College of Satanism for multifold reasons – the demonic chanting; the orgies; the human sacrifices; the black masses; the blood-drinking; the séances; the excellent bible studies; the defiance of God; the serving of Satan; the antichristian philosophy; the wonderful enemies; the Evil Spirit from Yahweh who overlooks our activities; the pulsating tribal drums; the wholesale physical violence pervading the campus; the pro-abortion rallies; and all the fun!

Waiting for Father to Let His Satan Descend

Right now I need to stay receptive to the temptations from the Evil Spirit of Yahweh. I do not know – nor can I know – what victim the Accuser has prepared for me. Nor have I been able to bribe any of my familiar spirits to clarify what the future has in store.

I must acquire the patience of an assassin; I must make all my straight ways crooked, & darken my soul, & employ all my talents for evil.

So many times Yahweh has said to me “Be still, for I send you my servant Satan!” But I am too eager for this to happen – I drink blood overmuch while waiting, & soon pass out. When I awake, no one is there.

Did I miss the epiphany? No, no, no, I must remember that Yahweh works according to his own perfect time, and according to the fulfillment of evil his Satan shall appear.

Dark Lord I await thy advent! Take me! Use me!!!

Thoughts After Tonight’s Black Mass

Satan I want you to control my life. You seized me firmly in your grip because I cursed God and slew myself. Thank you Dark Lord! I realize I will have to work hard to prove that I am evil – my old Christian habit of covering up my sins must cease immediately. I must increase my wrongdoings with pride, and never try to hide up again. Satan you are so evil. Fill me with your hateful wrath so that I can be instrumental in pouring it out onto others!

Reflections & Resolutions

The orgy is over now and I am levitating in my dorm room pondering what just happened. All day long I had been thinking: “What if I had remained an ignorant Christian – would I have ever experienced the bliss I felt today?” For back then I was selfish and prideful, and I would have continued being so forever if it weren’t for the lessons learned at these satanic orgies.

But although I have repented from my prudish days of Christianity, I haven’t always been as immoral as I should be. And I haven’t always lusted after everyone, as Satan teaches us – for I still allow my personal taste to get in the way. But now I vow to perform all forbidden things. That way I shall experience the pleasures of the flesh, and the ecstasies of our Dark Lord Lucifer!

With Satan, All is Possible!

I am weary already, and this night will be busy with grave-robbing, vivisections and all. Only the superior strength of Lord Lucifer will bring me a sufficiently evil outcome. But I remember that the Devil supports every atrocity of those who have sold their souls to him. And my heart is dead – I walk wherever he pushes.

Saturday: Satan’s day of pleasure.

A visit to the brothel – I’m so glad I went.  Then a rush to the séance & sacrifice.  My body was blessed in various ways today.  I heard an audible voice revealing the will of Lucifer & enumerating many evil things.  I hope I’m bad enough.  Tomorrow we revive the corpse.